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Selkie - Seeking
Selkie - Seeking

Selkie – Seeking | Mysterious

Scottish singer songwriter, Selkie (AKA Kristina Cox), has released an introspective, thought-provoking track in her single Seeking. Her music takes inspiration from the natural world – the lush and often dramatic backdrop of her homeland breathes life into her shimmering blend of electronic beats and electric guitar, as well as the spaces in between. Selkie’s Scottish accent makes her music even more dramatic for no particular reason, but partly because you start paying attention to what she’s singing about.

Seeking is a track that is steeped in mystery, but the electronic beats and instrumental are subtle. There’s something so mysterious about the track, it could be the pans, it could be the distant vocals, or it could be the Foley that plays throughout the track, but it’s so intriguing, almost like you begin seeking and searching for the meaning of the song yourself. Selkie reminds me of Enya but with a darker energy about her, sort of like Sol Seppy.

As a fan of the dark mysterious aspects of music, I must say that Selkie has done a brilliant job in piquing my interest in the track. She has these moments of accentuation that really drive a line home and it really feels like her music should be in the background score of a really intense film.

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