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Fifth Lucky Dragon- Mango | Firecracker

Louis Imperiale is the mastermind behind Fifth Lucky Dragon. Also known as the “King of Rainbow Road,” Fifth Lucky Dragon is a multi-talented musician, singer, songwriter, and producer. His unique alt-pop style combines cutting-edge production with thoughtful lyrics that explore the interplay between our imaginations and reality. With comparisons to popular electro-pop groups like Glass Animals, Twenty-One Pilots, and MGMT, it’s no wonder Fifth Lucky Dragon is quickly making a name for himself in the music scene. He always puts his twist on things. The majority of his compositions examine the relationship between our illusions and reality. What will the collective and personal experiences of the future be like? How will the web impact our psychological well-being? Although if you don’t want to accept his opinions on those subjects, he wants you to appreciate these pieces

This incredibly talented artist has released a new single called ‘Mango.’ When you need some drive, ‘Mango’ is that upbeat music you should play. Like how happy you feel after having a sweet ripe mango Louis was terrific. His voice is so smooth yet powerful. I feel like he can sing anything, and it would sound good. It made me want to listen to ‘Mango‘ more. The whole song has so much going on, but it all feels harmonious like it always should be. This song had me on the edge of my seat. The piece is retro but layered with a modern soundscape and amazing drum beats. The chorus alone had so much power behind it. It felt like the song would fit right for the ‘Stranger Things’ series with all the 80s vibes it gives off. When he sings, “Turn my floors to trampolines, Levitate right through the roof,” I could relate to him because we all want that ultimate moment in life where we feel good at once without worrying about anything else. Play it for yourself. You won,t regret it!

Enjoy listening to Mango here.

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