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Membrany Artwork
Membrany Artwork

Tamas Szigyarto – Мembrany | Harmonic

Tamas Szigyarto is a UK-based indie artist with a string of classical piano compositions to his name. His work is largely acoustic and instrumental, but explores the intricacy of complex compositions as they play out over dramatic soundscapes. He identifies his work as neoclassical, as he makes use of a crystalline production to amplify its distance and intensity.

His latest single Membrany is similar in its approach, crafting a nervous and skittering harmony with rapid strokes and upon it a more gentle melody that ebbs and flows, finding a rhythm of clarity and order among its discordant undergrowth. Membrany’s music video is similar, a time lapse of gentle clouds perforated by psychedelic mandala-like patterns that force an acknowledgement of the bizarre. I believe that the ‘membranes’ are the interfaces between languages and understandings, and the song dwells in that ethereal space between worlds and possibilities.

Tamas describes his work as a bright piano fantasy taking on the end of the world, after witnessing the aftermath of devastating events this year he sought to create a a cheerful and optimistic piece to seed a hope and light in the listener. Membrany embodies that air of order and resilience that he wishes to infuse into it, a dancing melody despite its frantic undertones. The song crescendoes at the very end, abruptly on a sharp and hopeful note, developing an unwritten continuity from hanging the present moment in the air, an inspirational nod to carry the songs optimism further.

Membrany is a lovely instrumental piece that feels dreamy and cinematic and allows for hopeful introspection, do check it out.

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