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Akso Heart – Trust Me | Truth

R&B and pop fusion artist, Akso Heart, based in London, wasn’t always the artist he’s become of late. Having spent a significant amount of his time studying science and completing his PhD in Chemistry, he was unable to contain the surge of creativity that eventually led him to release his own original music during early 2021. His latest release titled, “Trust Me” is a fresh RnB track that features elements both old and new that you’re bound to enjoy!

The track begins with some extended chords played on an electric piano and a gliding synth lead that sets the mood of the track. Reminiscent of alluring, sultry RnB songs, Akso Heart sings confidently and in a very natural manner. Blending computerized electronics with strong beats and some suitable synthesizer melodies, Akso on “Trust Me” has created a sound that’s both enjoyable and relatable, and you’ll appreciate it right from the first listen.

The lyrics of his song seem to reflect a sense of frustration over the nationwide lockdown that he experienced, especially for people who were accustomed to going out frequently. – “Who’s this on the phone? Won’t leave me alone / Yes there’s a change in tone, you need to know you did me wrong, forget me when I’m dead..”

Having studied in Japan for quite some time, Akso’s name comes from the word “Aks” meaning reflection. Through his music, he hopes to share the introspective journey that focuses on himself and his heritage. He also writes and speaks about topics like mental well-being and how one should express their feelings in a place where trust is prioritized.

I think his music is very honest and his lyrics are straight from the heart! The instrumentation on “Trust Me” is just marvelous, and I can’t wait to hear more hard-hitting yet heart-warming music from him soon!

We were lucky enough to get an interview with him, and here’s what he had to say about single and his journey so far!

Q – “Trust Me” features infectious beats and catchy melodies! What inspired you to write the track?

  • The track was inspired by early 2000s RnB with a hard-hitting beat and fresh vocal layers but with a 2020 modern twist. Growing up listening to Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, Usher, and other such incredible artists of that era, I love the feeling of being able to create choruses and melodies that transport you to a specific place/memory in your life. The track was written at a time where I felt isolated and done with compromising my time and energy for others. Fast forward a few months later, I was back in that space again. Feeling tired of giving unrequited energy. I’m now reclaiming my time and space. 

Q- Although each person will approach the lyrics differently, what do you hope your listeners will take away from the song “Trust Me”?

  • Reclaim your time, your power, and value who you are exchanging your energy with. As you are growing up you’re always taught to treat people as you’d like to be treated and to an extent, I believe that you should always start with warmth, positivity, and respect. But now I do truly believe we must treat people how they treat us. If they champion you, champion them. If they go silent on you, you need to go silent on them. And although this seems dramatic I spent a lot of my time as someone who adored the sense of community and perhaps I became a people pleaser in the process. Now heading into my thirties I feel like I need to know and respect myself by understanding what I bring to the table. So I hope this is the message that people can take from this song.

 Q – You have mentioned in your bio that your artist persona was created in Japan. Could you share a bit more about your experience there?

  • It was fantastic!! A space I never thought I’d travel to and one I’d never forget. I stayed in Tokyo for almost a month (a few years back) working in a huge manufacturing company. But I fell in love with the music scene and fashion which is overflowing in Japan. Even today a signature look for me is my docker caps inspired by the Japanese fisherman hats. The musicians and more importantly the people in Tokyo showed me nothing but respect and hospitality and I can’t ever forget that.

Q – If you had the chance to collaborate with any artist on a remix of this track, who would you like to work with and why?

  • ohhhh I can give you an entire library of artists I’d love to collaborate with. For a remix, it would be cool to see Steve Aoki or Dave Audé  to flip this song on its head. Both DJs have done remixes over the last decade which in some respect are more memorable to me than the original tracksuit. If they ever read this, I’m ready whenever you are hahaha. In general, I am manifesting a collaboration with Frank Ocean. He’s an artist that is such a storyteller. His voice and emotive style is something that helps people understand his life or at least transport them on to a journey in his projects. I’m actually working on a stripped-back version of the track so I will be channeling my inner Frank for it. It would also be a “dream” for me to work with The Dream. I believe he is an incredible songwriter and producer. His creativity is definitely undeniable and I could learn a lot from him.

Q – This is your third single release this year and your songs seem to be well-received by listeners! What can we expect from Akso Heart in the future? 

  • Thank you so much. It’s honestly so heart-warming to understand that your art and hard work in your craft has not been in vain. Thank you to anyone who gives me the time of day and enjoys my music. I have so many creative projects coming, even outside music which I’m so grateful, proud and excited about. As far as music goes, I have a vault of music ready to go but I’m working with expanding my collaborations through working with new artists, producers and fantastic creatives. I’m also in the early stages of working on an EP, and will be going through into a more RnB route. So plenty of exciting things ahead! Stay tuned!

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