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The Formless Track Club Mixes by Arman Ray + Hyon Gak
The Formless Track Club Mixes by Arman Ray + Hyon Gak

Zen and the Art of Electronic Music – Arman Ray +Hyon Gak’s The Formless Track Club Mixes

 Arman Ray + Hyon Gak are a dynamic duo. You get to Experience the captivating sounds of UK-based artist and music producer Arman Ray. With his innate creativity and musical prowess, Arman Ray has established a worldwide reputation as a celebrated artist. He has released multiple highly-acclaimed EPs that have garnered a dedicated fan base. In 2020, he embarked on a unique and unprecedented musical collaboration with modern Zen Master Hyon Gak Sunim. With over three decades of experience and teachings from the revered Zen Master Seung Sahn, Hyon Gak Sunim has shared his profound wisdom with people across the globe. Be prepared to embark on an unparalleled sonic journey with this remarkable collaboration.

Arman Ray + Hyon Gak have come up with a new vibrant album “The Formless Track Club Mixes,” with five songs. The opening track, “Mind Habits – Mike Jolly Remix,” is a tantalizing piece of EDM that sends the listener on a cosmic escapade. The infusion of male vocals with an ever-changing, hypnotic soundscape transports the listener to an ethereal realm where reality and imagination converge.

The trippy beats and pulsating rhythm build up to an intense momentum that instantaneously propels the listener into a parallel universe, where sensory overload and surrealism reign supreme. The captivating interplay between the vocals and the beats creates an otherworldly sensation that is both enchanting and spellbinding.

As the listener is swept away by the psychedelic sounds and hypnotic rhythms, they are taken on a journey through a kaleidoscope of emotions, traversing highs and lows, peaks and valleys, and moments of stillness and chaos.

As soon as “Right Here Right Now – Sam Leuis Remix” from “The Formless Track Club Mixes” by Arman Ray + Hyon Gak begins, the irresistible combination of percussion and bassline immediately sets the tone, drawing the listener in and making them sway to the rhythm, almost unconsciously. The intricate interplay between the two elements creates a mesmerizing and hypnotic soundscape that is hard to resist.

However, it’s not just the percussion and bassline that make this track so compelling. The authoritative vocals, which speak with a sense of urgency and confidence, add an edgy, almost confrontational element to the mix. The juxtaposition of the vocals and the hypnotic rhythm creates a unique and dynamic listening experience that is both exciting and energizing.

As the track progresses, the addition of synths adds a melodic element that complements the driving rhythm, providing a counterpoint that maintains the listener’s interest and engagement.

As the first few beats of “Dreaming With Eyes Wide Open – Antma Remix” from “The “Formless Track Club Mixes” pulse through your speakers, you feel as though you’re being transported to another dimension. The beatboxing-like rhythm is infectious, and the serious synths seem to weave in and out of the beat, adding depth and complexity to the sound.

As the electro synths come crashing in, the intensity of the track builds to a fever pitch, making it impossible not to move to the beat. The ebbs and flows of the synths are almost hypnotic, pulling you in and out of the track like waves on the shore.

The beatboxing-like rhythm feels almost primal, while the electro synths add a futuristic and sci-fi quality to the mix. It’s a genre-bending approach that pushes the boundaries of what electronic music can be.

The fourth track on “The Formless Track Club Mixes,” “Dust Thinking – Mike Jolly Remix,” is a standout from the rest of the EP. The energy it exudes is palpable, and the danceable element of the track is irresistible.

From the moment the track begins, it’s clear that something special is happening. The beats are infectious, and the synths and other musical elements are layered on top, creating a rich and complex sound. The track’s overall sense of happiness is contagious, and it’s impossible not to be swept up in the moment.

But what really sets “Dust Thinking – Mike Jolly Remix” apart is the way it constantly shifts and changes. There are so many different musical soundscapes at play here, each one adding something unique and interesting to the mix. It’s like fireworks exploding in your ears – a moment of pure, unadulterated joy that’s impossible to describe.

“Keep Us In Moment – Fat Mavi Remix” by  Arman Ray + Hyon Gak is the perfect conclusion to an electrifying album. It starts off with a subtle groove that quickly builds into a stunning retro-industrial soundscape that is reminiscent of the vibrant electronic music of the ’80s. As the song progresses, you’ll find yourself tapping your toes to the infectious beat, feeling like you are part of a concert in a packed stadium.

The complex layers of synths, beats, and melodies are woven together seamlessly, creating an immersive sonic experience that keeps getting better and better. The upbeat rhythm and dynamic bassline are just the tip of the iceberg, as the track keeps introducing new and exciting elements that add to its hypnotic allure.

As the song reaches its climax, you’ll find yourself lost in the moment, fully immersed in the euphoric energy that surrounds you. The expert production and sound design of the remix ensure that the music never becomes stale, as it keeps evolving and morphing into new and exciting forms.

Enjoy listening to “The Formless Track Club Mixes” by  Arman Ray + Hyon Gak here.

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