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Stuart Chaseman-Sins
Stuart Chaseman-Sins
Stuart Chaseman-Sins

Stuart Chaseman rolls in with old school poetry on his latest single, “Sins”

Stuart Chaseman is the balm to the ailing music lover. His passionate poetry and creative lyrics, along with ingrained homages to musicians who have inspired him, is incredible to hear. He is a talisman for good sound and meaningful motion in melody. Don’t take my words for it, the proof is in the pudding. This is his latest single, Sins. 

You can instantly hear the Springsteen influence. From the rhythm to how he chooses to sing the vocals, this track is nostalgia 101. The Boss has a natural inclination for songwriting and composing. Stuart Chaseman rolls up his sleeves to make a meaningful track about this journey that we parallelly take in life. The E Street band is channelled in the gestures of the guitar, the strokes of the piano keys and the execution of the arrangement. The talented songwriter bares all in the raw lyrics, from his sensitivity to this vulnerable cave he carves within himself. As a work of art, it is inspiring, and a tip of the hat to legends who wrote like this. His brilliance has been heard all the way back to his 2009 album, Next Exit…Brigadoon. 

Apart from having all the chops to make it a big track, this would feature very well in Jewish Matchmaking. For those who aren’t aware, that’s a dating reality show that is going to be releasing on Netflix on May 3rd! Be sure to add it to your lists, this song on Spotify and the show on Netflix! 

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