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Alta Falls’ “Tried to Forget About” : An Indie-Pop Perfection!

Australia based Alta Falls’ “Tried to Forget About” is a mesmerizing piece of music that takes listeners on a journey through a bittersweet tale of love and loss. The song blends vintage 80’s synth with contemporary influences and creates a unique sonic landscape. Let’s dive in to explore its rich and textured soundscape!

From the opening notes, the track’s powerful and enigmatic arpeggios of synth draw listeners in. The intricate layering of electronic sounds blends vintage 80’s synth with contemporary influences, creating a unique sonic landscape that perfectly balances with a tight and propulsive rhythm section.

The drums and bassline work together seamlessly, providing a solid rhythmic foundation that propels the track forward with irresistible energy. The vocals in “Tried to forget about” are nothing short of remarkable. With a stirring and emotive delivery combined with a captivating melody, the singer captures the bittersweet tale with a poignant degree of nuance and sensitivity. Each note is delivered with a heartfelt sincerity that speaks to the song’s raw emotional power. 

 “Tried to Forget About” is a masterful work of art that showcases Alta Falls’ exceptional songwriting and production skills. Its addictive melodies, soaring harmonies, and skillful instrumentation make it a track that is sure to leave listeners captivated and wanting for more. Whether you’re a fan of indie pop, or just great music in general, Alta Falls’ latest offering is not to be missed! Check out the song here!

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