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Experience a Latin Fiesta with Otto Botté’s “Inquieto”

Latin music is like a fiesta for your ears and Otto Botté and his song “Inquieto” is here to prove just that. When the young Colombian Otto Botté arrived in the city of dreams NYC, he stormed in with a passion, his heritage, and his unwavering determination. His journey through the music scene saw him collaborating with industry giants and his Grammy nominations are a nod to his genius and his dedication. As he climbed the ladder of success with his debut EP Dancing Company, Vol. I, he his back with his incredible track “Inquieto” which is breaking all language barriers yet again and proving that Latin music can always make waves!

 Otto is all about infusing his Colombian roots with the pulsating beats of NYC, and let me tell you, we’re absolutely loving it. With reggaeton rhythms in full swing, “Inquieto” is an absolute banger that’ll have you moving and grooving and syncing your every step with rhythm. The moment you hit play, you’re on your feet, swaying, twirling, and giving in to the irresistible pull of the song.

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Moving onto the heart of the song. “Inquieto” dives into the uncertainties of life, talking about the feelings when you’re standing on the edge of something new and uncharted. Your heart races with a mix of excitement and anticipation, much like the tempo of the track itself.

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You know what’s the most beautiful part of the song? Though the song is in Spanish, “Inquieto” communicates in a universal tongue – the language of emotion. Communicating with its infectious vibes,  grooves, and pure unadulterated energy, this song brings us all together, no matter where we hail from. Give it a spin and you will feel the same!

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