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Indie Rock Revival: Exploring The Pulltops’ ‘Wide Awake”

The Pulltops‘ latest single, “Wide Awake,” released on August 18th, 2023, is a vibrant testament to their signature style of Indie Rock. Hailing from Milwaukee, this dynamic duo has consistently captured attention with their infectious melodies and energetic compositions, exemplified by earlier hits like “Changes” and “Stronger” from this year.

Wide Awake” immediately grabs your attention with its infectious upbeat tempo and a groove that’s fueled by the driving force of drums, bass, and guitars. The lyrics carry a sense of empowerment and self-discovery, reflecting on breaking free from limitations. Lines like “I found my voice, It has so much that I can say” show that the artists have written this from a place of self-expression. The imagery of looking up at the stars and soaring above dark clouds creates a vivid backdrop for the song’s themes embracing change.

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The songwriting prowess of The Pulltops shines through in the way they seamlessly create catchy hooks with introspective lyrics. The chorus, repeating “I feel wide awake, my eyes are open” talk about seizing the moment.

The band’s diverse influences, come together in “Wide Awake”, blending Indie Rock, Power Pop, and Album Rock to create a sound that’s both familiar and fresh. The Pulltops continue to showcase their ability to craft music that resonates with listeners on both a musical and emotional level.

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