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nickon faith- visions
nickon faith- visions

Psychedelic Transformations: ‘Visions’ EP by Nickon Faith Explores the Limits of Electronic Music

Nickon Faith is a Manchester-based multi-genre producer and DJ who has been making waves in the music world. His passion for music was reignited in 2015, and he has since devoted himself to honing his own producing approach and crafting unique mixes that captivate audiences. Nickon has embarked on a fantastic musical adventure, taking part in lots of interesting projects. He has released music on local and international labels, been supported by BBC Introducing, Houseum and Four Four Magazine. He was recognized as an emerging talent for 2023 in 2022 by industry tastemakers such as Mixmag, who commended his debut album, Circumambient, as an incredible accomplishment.

Nickon Faith has come up with a new EP “Visions” featuring 4 amazing tracks. The opening track, also titled “Visions,” immediately captivates with its compelling beat drop. At exactly 0:30, the music takes an exhilarating turn, soaring into an ecstatic ride. The gleaming synths and flawless beats form a sound tapestry that just blew my mind.

I would say just close your eyes and surrender to the music as the repeated synths and pounding rhythm envelop you in their embrace. It’s a transcendent experience. The attention to detail in the song, which has a celestial ambiance simply remarkable.

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The following track, “In Bloom” by Nickon Faith, adopts an uplifting approach driven by a powerful bassline. The irresistible combination of beats and synth work had me bobbing my head from the first note. The song has a unique twist that occurs at 1:30 and elevates it to a completely new level.

With its psychedelic yet uplifting vibe, “In Bloom” pulls you to a magical world where stars and gardens coexist. The organic beat of the music just fascinated me and kept me fully engaged throughout. It’s a true work of art.

“Don’t Make Me Wait,” the third song on the EP, is a standout track. The drums had an air of industrial beats to them, but the synths maintained an airy atmosphere that enveloped the entire arrangement.

The addition of female vocals, which are repetitive, adds a unique touch. The synths had a more calming feel that juxtaposed beautifully with the more aggressive drums. In between, you’ll have a moment to catch your breath while swaying to the music. Yet, the energy soon comes back, driving you forward with its zeal. You will be virtually dancing the night away in a nightclub!

The EP concludes with an electrifying remix, “Don’t Make Me Wait – Jon Selbo Remix.” Selbo has incorporated his own unique approach, and it is beyond commendable. It begins with dreamy synths that create a sense of mystery and anticipation. I could not wait to see what the song had to offer. And it served! A wave of energy wraps you as the beat kicks off, backed up by a pulsing bassline.

It becomes impossible not to surrender to the infectious beat and move your body to the music. Selbo has combined trippy and high-energy elements while maintaining its melodic essence. With its fusion of techno, psychedelia, and electronica, it could elevate any dancefloor. What are you waiting for? Just hit the play button and dance the night away!

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Enjoy listening to “Visions” by Nickon Faith here.

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