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Podge Lane - Common Country Misconceptions
Podge Lane - Common Country Misconceptions
Podge Lane - Common Country Misconceptions

Podge Lane – Common Country Misconceptions | Beautiful stories narrated through soul-pleasing music

Hailing from the beautiful Cork City, Ireland, Podge Lane is one of the finest country folk musicians you will ever hear! The fresh and simple compositions and his amazingly penned lyrics reward the listeners with too much happiness through an excellent listening experience. The latest album by Podge Lane, Common Country Misconceptions, is a collection of similarly amazing tracks that soothe your soul in an instant. Besides giving you intense auditory pleasure, this album is also interesting because of the fact that each and every track tells a story. If you listen with attention, you will certainly be able to relate to the lyrical content of the songs in this album.

Let us a dig a little bit more into the album!

Through this twenty-eight minute, fifty-five seconds long album of ten amazing tracks, Common Country Misconceptions, Podge Lane wins our hearts with the sheer uniqueness of compositional abilities. Keeping the roots of folk and country music alive, the brilliant use of alternative arrangements in the songs of this album is worth a listen and highly appreciable. Other than the wide variance of compositions, the lyrics also, as mentioned earlier, are written in a manner that is easy for anyone to connect with. Additionally, the lyrics also seem like they are born out of firsthand experiences at a point in time in the narrator’s life. Therefore, every song of this album is worth a generous listen because each of them has a different and beautiful story to tell where the soul-pleasing musical elements act as the perfect backdrops accordingly.

Out of the ten tracks of Podge Lane’s Common Country Misconceptions, you must listen to the first couple of songs, Welcome To Paradise and Paradise, in sequential order because the latter is a continuation of its predecessor. Besides that, the rest of the eight songs do not follow any notable sequence that one must take care of while listening to this album. So, you can listen to the songs in any order you like without following a strict sequence.

Overall, the latest album by Podge Lane, Common Country Misconceptions, will certainly get added to your daily playlists right away from the first listen. So, check out this amazing album here:

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