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Kelley Cole – Anyone | Infatuation

Kelley Cole is an alternative pop artist based in Nashville, Tennessee. Her latest release, “Anyone”, is a dark and dramatic, synth-loaded track that explores the topics of infatuation, independence, and transformation based on her own experiences with the same. Kelly is a multifaceted musician who writes and produces all her songs herself.

The track gets rolling with a funky synth bass, intriguing percussive elements, and an effective kick/snare pattern. Kelley sings with a very confident tone right from the start. Her relatable lyrics revolve around passion and are quite seductive. This song’s catchy chorus contains my favourite line, “if you’re looking for nobody, then I could be anyone..” Kelley’s assertive tone here is attractive and it is one of those segments that stick.

A few new elements are introduced in the second chorus, making the track more exciting. Fitting harmonies, lead synths and some ambient layers make the track sound a bit more full. Adding the sampled ad-libs towards the end is a nice touch. Kelly is a very versatile musician with a strong preference for synthesizers and electronic sounds to create her distinctive sound.

“Anyone” is a track that’s constructed of ingredients from multiple genres and that’s what’s make Kelley’s music special. Through a mix of dark pop, alternative music, and pop-rock, she seeks to reach everyone who doesn’t feel like they belong. “Anyone” is Kelley Cole’s first release, and I’m certain we’ll hear more from her in the future!

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