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Dominic Romano-Red Moon Night
Dominic Romano-Red Moon Night
Dominic Romano-Red Moon Night

Dominic Romano-Red Moon Night | Love at chance

Like the rarity that is a red moon, is Dominic Romano and his approach to music. A no nonsense, pure musical journey ensures, with this man as a shining star and composer all in one suit. Red Moon Night is his latest single, an honest delivery of a one off chance. A celestial moment to connect with, for one red moon night.

You might have heard of this name from last years single of Never in My Dreams. If that track relied on its pure acoustics and lyrics, Red Moon Night is a poem of a song about an interaction with fabulous outcomes. Using only his guitar and vocals, the real stars of this song are the harmonics provided by Harley Eblen. There is an offset of another level of energy, creating a complex rhythm within a simple symphony. Dominic Romano excels at creating a marvel from the design of his own thoughts.

He’s released several fantastic albums through this intriguing journey, Sightline and Songs for Annie being the highlights. Dominic edges on creating his own personality using his songs, and isn’t afraid of switching the chord progressions to an unpopular combination. They all gel together either by vocals or instrumentals, and he can see the end result with fantastic vision. Red Moon Night is his soft ballad for a chance occurrence that means so much to some.

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