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Ryan Yingst Conjures Pure Magic in “Please Don’t Burn the Sage!”

“Please Don’t Burn the Sage” by Ryan Yingst is an absolute delight for your heart. This song is pure gold, and a showcase of Ryan’s unparalleled talent. Picture yourself nestled in your comfiest corner, wrapped in a cozy blanket, sipping on a warm cup of coffee, as the gentle glow of candlelight flickers around you. In this tranquil setting, press play “Please Don’t Burn The Sage” and see the magical aura enveloping you!

From the moment the first chords strike, you know the emotions are going to run deep. The chord progression is exquisite and the guitar work is so tasteful, it leaves you in a bliss. The calm backdrop provided by the organ perfectly complements the entire atmosphere. The song combines a beautiful essence of blues, soul and jazz into a perfect blend. It literally feels like magic!

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But it’s not just the instrumental brilliance that shines here. Ryan’s vocals are like a warm embrace, delivering those lyrics in a heartfelt manner. The vocal skills are on point and the tasteful harmonies are like a warm hug for your ears. It’s the kind of combination that gives you goosebumps and makes you want to hit repeat a hundred times!

As the song progresses and approaches its finale you are probably thinking that the song is at the peak of its beauty. But hang on! You will be greeted by a pleasant surprise as the energy ramps up and those drumbeats come in, bringing a jazzy, soulful fusion that’s straight-up blissful and addictive. 

Ryan Yingst is a true musical maverick, pulling inspiration from folk, jazz, electronica, soul, funk, and rock. He’s got a knack for spinning tales, sprinkling imagery, and pouring his heart out with his music. Grab your headphones, find your cozy spot, and let Ryan Yingst’s “Please Don’t Burn The Sage” leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Check out the song here!

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