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carter lagrant - follow the rules
carter lagrant - follow the rules

‘Follow The Rules’ by Carter Lagrant is Dark, Edgy, and Electrifying

Meet Carter Lagrant, a brilliant Ukrainian songwriter who was born and raised in the dynamic city of Warsaw. Explore his enthralling musical universe, where the throbbing beats of EDM with house influences mingle with the raw intensity of alternative rock and the edginess of experimental hip-hop. As Lagrant bravely delves into the depths of contemporary pop music, get ready to be submerged in a mesmerizing blend of dissonance and gloom. Lagrant bravely addresses today’s most pressing societal concerns, such as violence, inequality, and love and hatred, with his breathy vocals cascading over funky, distorted instrumentals.

Today we are going to talk about his latest dark electro-pop single” Follow The Rules.” This song will have you fascinated thanks to its unqiue blend of captivating beats and dark tone. Carter’s immaculate vocal performance is genuinely outstanding, and the track’s gleaming synths go well with it.

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The song gets off to a good start with excellent keyboard and synth work that captures your attention right away. You notice an array of emotions, from anger to melancholy, streaming through Carter’s voice as the vocals and beats kick-off. A flawless transition in the vocals near the end, complemented by powerful synth work, elevates the song to new heights.  It’s like watching a captivating mystery unfold before your eyes.

“Follow The Rules” ends with excellent sound effects and stunning electronic instrumentation, which leaves an impact. The production’s attention to detail is apparent, reflecting the artist’s drive to deliver a remarkable musical journey. With its infectious beats, heartfelt vocals, and skilful synth work, this track is surely a work of art.

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Enjoy listening to “Follow The Rules” by Carter Lagrant here.

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