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Temperature Falls – Protagonist

Temperature Falls is an Indietronica/alternative duo based in Norway which is known for its vivid experimentations with psychedelia intertwined with hip-hop and Alternative Rock. The duo has a strong sound that is so unique that you might never have heard anything like it ever before. Temperature Falls has a vast discography of 20 singles and 4 albums which are all so innovative that one genre cannot define them. They know how to weave music that creates a vibe so unique that we can call it only their own. They made their debut in 2019 with the single named Darkness All Around and have evolved massively ever since. Do give this duo a go and trust me you will fall in love with their sounds!

I discovered this duo pretty late and I wish I had discovered them earlier. I discovered them when they released their recent album named Protagonist which is a 10 song long feast for the ears. The album includes some ecstatic electronic sounds which are beautifully spun with deep vocals, impactful drums, immersive melodies and elite lyricism.

The Album starts off with the track Apology which is the intro of the album and one of the most impactful track of them all. The track surely offers an immersive experience for the listeners. This track will create the heavy vibe that is needed for the whole album beautifully. Apology is followed by Hide which is a track that beautifully uses noises to structure an amazing track. The heavily distorted vocals and disruptive music sounds chaotic yet well composed. This is the magical powers that Temperature Falls holds to create a masterpiece out of dust.

The track Hide is followed by Please Don’t go and Run Away which are the points on the album where the energy curve goes down. The whole album is like a rollercoaster of emotions. The way this duo takes the graph up and down is what makes this duo so amazing.

“The way this album is structured just blows my mind away. Temperature Falls is surely have a mastermind approach towards their music!”

The next track on the album is Reach which is my personal favorite. The track is a the bridge of the album and is executed with utmost beauty. This beautiful bridge leads us to I am different which is a whole different vibe but is integrated into the album so cleverly that it seems like an inseparable part. The track has some easter eggs that would melt your head away. I’ll just leave that up to you to discover.

The next two track, Lab Rat and Fight are one of the most impactful pair of the album. Both these tracks compliment each other like Yin compliments Yang. One has heavily distorted vocals and the other displays some ecstatic melodic vocals.

Moments Of Loneliness is a track with deep melodic music that is combined with soothing vocals that calm the whole electronic vibe and creates a smooth downward curve towards the end. The album is concluded with the track named Survivor which is one of the best outros I’ve ever heard.

All in all the album is a great experience that everyone should witness at least once! Do give this album a go!

Here’s a little glimpse of the album –


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