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The Marsh Family - In The Bleak
The Marsh Family - In The Bleak

The Marsh Family – In The Bleak

The Marsh Family have just released their holiday special, In The Bleak. The Christmas special is a riveting blend of vocal timbres levitating against a glowing soundscape. Wholesome and hearty, the song has a comforting touch, warm coziness and a hopeful message that is sure to lighten the mood at home.

This new release is the family’s fourth release of 2022 and the second festive, holiday themed release in the last two years (The first one being Bring Us a Candle (2021) which was performed on BBC Morning Live and BBC Radio 2). Opening with acoustic piano melodies, Danielle’s vocal waves set an illuminating tone that is expanded beautifully by diverse vocal textures. The soulful passion of the message is built-up by an orchestra of vocal harmonies, pumping trumpets and a vivacious confetti of melodies.

The choir anthem blazes with the social purpose, with its magnanimous presentation inspiring generosity and invoking a deep and innate passion to give and help those in need of help. The Kent-based Marsh Family comprises Ben and Danielle and their four children Alfie, Thomas, Ella, and Tess. Their ensemble of parodies, where they adapted Meat Loaf, Queen, Bonnie Tyler, ABBA, etc., went viral in 2020, leading them to compose and release their own music. Their work is written and recorded at their home and mastered remotely.

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