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Dull of Down-Lullaby Time
Dull of Down-Lullaby Time
Dull of Down-Lullaby Time

Dull of Down-Lullaby Time | Embrace mayhem

Dull of Down are a Finnish rock band with an obsession for rock ‘n’roll. Like your morning cup of coffee, they can’t live without their daily dose of distortion, drums and disorder. Formed in 2020, they’ve been at it from the go and have released 4 double A sides as of now. Lullaby Time is their latest single.

You’re leaning into grunge, blues and rock when there are tides of change really loving this music. How do you think that has impacted your compositions?

The influences in the compositions are reflected in your own musical taste. I like classic rock, blues and 90s grunge a lot, so that definitely shows in Dull of Down’s music. Of course, the band’s players are also very important. Everyone brings their own “spice” to the whole.

With the guitar heavy track, something that definitely stands out are the vocals from Lasse. Luckily, he’s providing us with the answers to our questions about this group and their music as well. Lullaby Time and Raymond is their double A side this time. Charged and amped on downpicking for the chorus, you feel like waiting for bated breath where the chorus comes in. The breakdown reminds you that all that we want is a good time listening to this band that wants to bring back the holy 70’s.

The attack in the beginning of the song is what pulls me towards it. How did you go about composing this double A side?

The compositions of the songs are usually created almost always based on feeling. I pick up the guitar, start singing and find melody and chords that fit the melody. After that, we will watch the song together with the band and try different arrangements. That’s also how it went with the song Lullaby Time.

Understanding what comes to the fore might not be very difficult. Hard rock has been a fan favourite genre, all it looks is to connect with the crowd and create infectious anthems.

From stadium anthems like Praise & Play Rock N Roll to an AC DC style track like High Heels, you make them all. What are the favourite ones to play?

Of course, the newer and last songs always feel the best at that moment. So far, I haven’t gotten tired of playing any of the songs, it’s nice to play them all. I believe that the band and its music are developing all the time and the best Dull of Down songs and music are yet to come.

With quite the collection for the first two years, there might be new fans that can’t wait to hear them live. There are plans for recording as well, though the energy remains in creating more ties as a band and curating formidable chaos together.

Which leads me to ask you from the previous question-what can we expect to be added in your debut album?

We don’t know yet. We have talked with the record company about collecting the double singles (when 5 or 6 have been made) under the same covers and releasing it as the first album. This is very likely. On the other hand, we want to go into the studio to make and record a whole album at once. Maybe it will be the second album. Let’s see how to do this.

For bands that are transitioning, it might not be difficult to earn coin with their music. Dull of Down are on their way to being a fully formed hard rock pearl here. Though the members share a true passion for music, the pandemic has been quite the hassle.

In the times of Covid, what has been one element that was effective for songwriting, and what is something you lost that you have to reclaim?

On the other hand, COVID was a good time to write songs. Otherwise, it was a miserable time for everyone who makes music their job and gets paid for it, for example from gigs and tours.

I really hope the worst is over. In our case, the fall was not so bad, because we all have the so-called day job anyway. Sure, one of the band’s main goals is to get to gigs and tours, but that time will come. Now we focus on making music and publishing.

Listen to their infectious double A side here:

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