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Jemma Pixie Hixon – Pull Fear From The Inside | Feel the Power

The new song ‘Pull Fear From The Inside‘ by British singer-songwriter Jemma Pixie Hixon is a strong doze that would fully raise us up and truly focus on the strength. The song’s vibe is really powerful, allowing you to truly feel the sea within you. The songwriting is basic but effective in conveying the message. The notion of how the melodic focus of each phrase varies is incredibly intriguing to me. The intensity level of the song is related to the delivery and composition, which begins by building the mood and then progressively drives us with enormous enthusiasm and energy. The strong vocal delivery is so important for the song to actually hit us hard, and it is done so easily throughout.

When it comes to the arrangements, the song begins off with a lovely touch of house rhythms. The groove pattern is quite intriguing and gets things off to a great start. As soon as the guitar enters, the intensity level skyrockets, which has a huge impact. I really like how the vocals sound after they’ve been processed. The warped texture gave it a unique personality that sounds fantastic. The song’s flow is silky smooth and seamlessly transitions between portions. The concept is the song’s highlight for me, and I also like how the music builds up to such large sound spaces, which is really fantastic. I am confident that the song’s attractive optimistic tone will capture the attention of listeners.

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