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Fendahlene- Get Over It (Kevin Shirley Mix)
Fendahlene- Get Over It (Kevin Shirley Mix)
Fendahlene- Get Over It (Kevin Shirley Mix)

Fendahlene- Get Over It (Kevin Shirley Mix) | In orbit

Fendahlene have been around since 1997. That’s when I was born. I’m supposed to be “critiquing” artists that have lived music as long as I have lived. A wild tale is what this project has, and they’ve realized the genres they love are going through a renaissance. This is their latest single, Get Over It (Kevin Shirley Mix).

This Kevin Shirley mix has definitely brought a crisper, clearer sound. Released as a single in 2020, this revisited song has all the swing and rhythm to be playing in noir discotheques. Get Over It uses the funky groove to create a snappy playlist headliner. The fuzz kicking in for the chorus makes a huge difference. The verse carries a skinnier, fable telling protagonist, while the chorus brings in the Marvel hero. If that makes sense.

From Blue Fortress in 1997 to A Decade of Near Misses released in 2009, Fendahlene have never lost touch with their passion. Paul Whiteley and Ashley Hurst kept a dream of dreams alive, making colourful, pop rock based tracks that put in as much work as it does fun. The songs are easygoing and a melodic delight, hear it now or later. This is the kind of stuff that tends to remain relevant, as this group have shown us.

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