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Rye Catchers - Sometimes
Rye Catchers - Sometimes
Rye Catchers - Sometimes

Rye Catchers – Sometimes | A dreamy ambience

We all face an internal struggle within ourselves in different phases of life. The battle is usually between what the mind says and what the soul wants! The latest single by Rye Catchers, Sometimes, portrays the same situation through a beautiful and calming track.

Listen to the battle of the mind and soul!

The brainchild of a superbly talented and gifted producer David McClintick Roberts Sometimes comprises the soulful and heart-touching vocals of another gifted Spanish singer, Nekane. The track boasts some of the most pleasing synth backings with a beautiful chord progression that is not at all complex.

You can hear some steady drumming right at the start of the song, along with some amazing synth pad chordal backings, and right in the middle of it, the bass kicks in, laying the foundation of the track. The guitar sounds minimalistic yet catchy due to the intelligent choice of spots to play in the song.

Nekane’s voice in Rye Catchers’, Sometimes, is one x-factor of the song that’ll surely draw you into it right from the first word. Sweet, melodic, yet powerful is the description that her voice deserves! You can feel the drive of the song’s lyrics through the excellent composition and Nekane’s flawless vocal delivery!

The composition of this song is so simple yet catchy that you don’t even have to be cautious about going wrong with the counts while bopping your head to it! When you hear the ethereal arpeggiated synth lines during the bridge section right before the second chorus, you’ll be immediately impressed and driven by it to the core. The song ends with the verse melody sung through words that summarize the whole idea of the track!

Overall, Rye Catchers’ Sometimes is one beautiful-sounding and emotionally calming song you should not miss out on! Listen to this track here:

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