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Mort City - America’s City | Refreshing
Mort City - America’s City | Refreshing

Mort City – America’s City | Refreshing

Mort City is an American singer and songwriter who has stepped into the world of music with his very unique musical styles and outstanding flairs. Creating sounds that inspire you to live fully is what he does wonderfully. With brilliant songs one after the other, Mort City has been making quite a mark for himself. 

Mort City’s recent release is a song called America’s City which is a funky, refreshing, upbeat number with all the characteristics of an exciting track. The song begins slowly and develops into a fine affair with brilliant vocalization and soothing beats that soon become quirky and surprising. You would love the energy of the track because it feels rare and unheard of before. When the song progresses, it does so in a beautiful manner, slowly unfolding its magic one by one. The charm that was persistent in the beginning becomes even more enhanced as the sounds become fuller.

Mort City does a great job at vocals. They have a tad bit of mischief to them that adds an extra charm to the song and makes it more enjoyable. While listening to the track you would wonder what exactly makes the song so much fun to listen to and you realize it’s the exciting soundscapes. But vocals should also be given the same credit.

The lyrics are playful and fun and make you want to groove along to the charm of the sounds you hear. It is a song you shouldn’t miss if you want to listen to something fresh and upbeat.

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