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chandra- pretty
chandra- pretty

“Pretty” by Chandra Is a Musical Celebration of Self-Love and Acceptance

Chandra is a talented singer-songwriter from Bristol, UK, who crafts distinct guitar pop filled with an inspirational, optimistic narrative and a profound connection to receptive lyrics. His emotional narratives, based on personal experiences, examine the complexities of the human journey, touching on themes of self-assurance, resilience, and the never-ending battle for mental well-being. With influences ranging from David Bowie and Queen to The Carpenters and The Beatles, as well as modern musicians such as Britney Spears, Pink, One Republic, and Sam Fender, Chandra is drawn to the power of fascinating songs. He not only captivates but also resonates with his music, providing a glimpse into the soul of an artist unafraid to embrace life’s highs and lows.

“Pretty,” Chandra’s latest single, is bright and vivacious. It surely stands out with its quirky and peppy ambiance. The electric guitar work and drums in the song are truly amazing. It adds to the catchy and infectious quality of the song. Chandra’s vocals steal the show, delivering the lyrics with vigor and intensity that reflects the song’s upbeat message.

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“Pretty” is a call for accepting yourself and your individuality. Being unapologetically you. With its captivating melody, the chorus conveys a powerful message: “You should be who you are, that’s what I call pretty.” It feels like a close friend giving you a pep talk.

The engaging rhythm and inspiring lyrics create a setting of optimism and self-empowerment, urging you to let go of self-doubt and be yourself unapologetically. “Pretty” not only elevates spirits but also establishes a sense of unity by reminding us that everyone has the right to express themselves without fear of being judged. Such exciting music and vocal work were exactly what was required to make it unforgettable. Outstanding work, Chandra!

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Enjoy listening to “Pretty” by Chandra here.

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