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Robbie Boyd-Look Up
Robbie Boyd-Look Up
Robbie Boyd-Look Up

Robbie Boyd-Look Up | Always sunny this side

Your mind might be lacking that dose of positivity. I know it’s difficult, we are desensitized as a society. However, Robbie Boyd is back to break the mould. His latest single is called Look Up, a track brimming with light and positivity and what we have to cherish for the coming future.

Robbie Boyd has had some heavy airplay. From a BBC favorite to playing on the roof of the O2 arena, there’s little in the “musicians dream” region he isn’t pursuing. Look Up follows a simple progression to a chirpy, cheery song that hopes to bring about a positive change in your outlook. With a galloping beat, it has the simple tone of the guitar with this talented songwriter singing a dream for you.

Break the Chain was his 2017 album, well received by new fans. Time Will Tell had an eerie foreshadowing quality to it, and came out in 2019, before the world stopped for a while. He had an EP in 2018 called Surrender as well, so you know that the man hasn’t been slacking. An urban Shakespeare, he is passionate about music and bringing people together. So whenever you do feel down, put on some Robbie Boyd and look up!

Listen to his single here:

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