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The Magic Epic - 36 | Rich, Soulful
The Magic Epic - 36 | Rich, Soulful

The Magic Epic – 36 | Rich, Soulful

Toby Juan has been actively creating music since forever and his music reflects his experience more than anything else. His musical undertaking called The Magic Epic has been a vivid portrayal of Toby as an artist. This time, with his extraordinary album called 36, he is setting the bars high yet again. 

36 is an album of emotions. You will feel a plethora of feelings while listening to the album, thanks to the impeccable execution. As soon as you hit the play button, you feel astounded by the depth of the soundscapes that hit you. From heartfelt undertones to rich elements of acoustic and rock, you experience it all. Each and every song feels like a wild piece of land open for you to explore. Every tune is so rich that you would find yourself getting lost in its bliss. The great thing about the whole album is its uniformity. The signature soulful soundscapes never alter their pace or nature and remain constant throughout. You would find yourself getting transcended to some outer space where all there is Juan’s music and your being. 

The lyrics of 36 explore various themes but the most prominent one is aliveness. The album prominently is a happy album. Even though it might come off as melancholic because of its slow-paced nature, it is anything but that. The songs are celebratory in nature. They are about making the best of this moment. The aliveness of the tracks complements the soulfulness of the tunes and makes the best combination. 

Welcome to Brighton is a song that makes you think of your favourite place and yet elevates you in the present moment itself, wherever you may be. You would love the spirit of the song. It makes you want to dream and do so in the most courageous manner. 

Summer has to be my favourite song because of how refreshing it is. The acoustic tunes, staggering crispness, and persistent joviality never fade away from your head. You would want to delve into this track and explore the gem that it is.

The other tracks too have that signature vibe that elevates you to some other realm of peace and tranquillity. 36, to put it simply, will be an enchanting experience because of Juan’s ingenuity as an artist. He has brought together the most amazing musicality and fused them in a way that you would be left wanting for more. 

36, overall, is an intense musical experience that everyone who loves deeply artistic music would totally devour. 

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