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Villanelle & The Northern Wonder-December Bloom
Villanelle & The Northern Wonder-December Bloom
Villanelle & The Northern Wonder-December Bloom

Villanelle & The Northern Wonder-December Bloom | Through the frost

The charm of desert rock surrounds you. Check the speakers, it’s probably Villanelle & The Northern Wonder. This indie rock band based in Manchester is colliding several styles of rock and pop to form their own flavour. There is an existing chemistry that makes it seem like they’re all blood relatives. This is their latest single, December Bloom.

You could be tongue-tied and twisted after this kind of song. Sharper on the treble and creating a crunchy, rough sound as their output, there are a lot of influences to sift through. They sound like Depeche Mode at times, Joy Division and even The Cure. The haunting chord progression rings out every time, bringing that generous reverberation. This is what completes the track, the chorus something to imprint in the wrinkles of your brain. The guitar interludes help every instrument shine, a lot of it following through with the core melody. The clean guitar for the second verse devilishly changes between the distorted sound from chorus to verse. It is an interesting palette of sound you get to see in the end. Here is a band that is ballooning the kind of output for their sound-including that fresh solo towards the outro. Riveting and a unique outcome of events.

Villanelle & The Northern Wonder have been recording music professionally since 2019. Their track Clever Girl is the one that is climbing the indie charts. Dark Days at the Grand is an EP exploring how their songs and sound can infiltrate emotions. It is an exciting journey to watch them go through. They are clinically adept at trying out what each sound does to their MO. Judge for yourself, with their neat single December Bloom here:

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