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Energy Whores - Psycho Chemistry | Disco from the 70s
Energy Whores - Psycho Chemistry | Disco from the 70s

Energy Whores – Psycho Chemistry | Disco from the 70s

Energy Whores are an amazing musical duo creating some astonishing music for their fans. Starting from a small studio in a New York City apartment, both musicians are extremely talented. Carrie Schoenfeld is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist working with Attilio Valenti, the guitarist. 

Energy Whores have a very unique music blended with different genres and styles in every song. Majorly gaining influence by artists like Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, and Rage Against the Machine they describe their music as “political rock for the dance floor”.  Usually, their song highly social and political issues, targeting authoritarian leaders of the world. They have released several songs in the past couple of years, including a fun techno-style song called “Psycho Chemistry”.

Let’s talk about the song in detail. The song starts with a fast-paced techno-style drum beat followed by a guitar riff and leads on a synth. The intro gives a huge 70s retro vibe with its amazing chord progression and drum beat. Soon the vocals of Carrie begin with full power and lift up the song. Her vocals are so unique and different because they sound auto-tuned in a way but it’s purely just her tone and style of singing. The chorus is very interesting as the heavy bass synth supports the vocals making the hook catchier. The song has tons of harmonies and a catchy drum beat that makes you set the dance floor on fire. 

“Psycho Chemistry” raises the issues of authoritarianism of world leaders and their desperate need for power. It’s a quite an interesting topic being addressed. Its highly recommended to listen to the song. 

 We also have an interview with the fantastic duo from Energy Whores. 

1: How did the band “Energy Whores” come to life. What was your
inspiration behind such a project?

The original idea came from a song called Energy Whores I wrote in 2019 about climate change. It is a political song about science deniers, corrupt corporations aligned with politicians’ hell bent on keeping us dependent on fossil fuels for their own financial gain.  By the end of the song, it doesn’t end well.  We are whores to the energy we consume for our phones, computers, infrastructure, internet, and national security. The band name came from this song because we are folk singers and unfortunately energy whores ourselves.  We aspire to be like Bob Dylan and Phil Ochs from the 1960s and Rage Against the Machine in the 1990s. We make” political rock for the dance floor” and have become “an electro-punk-pop band whose hypnotic beat isn’t enough to distract from the lyrics’ acidity”

2: Your music is very intriguing and unique. How do you describe the
music of your new single “Psycho chemistry” and your other songs?

We combine different beats and genres to support the tone of the song’s lyrics.  Since any sound is available to us through the DAW(s) we use, there are no limitations to what kinds of musical environments we create. We like to mix real instruments with electronic ones. About the vocals, some people think my voice is electronic sounding or auto tuned but it’s not. It’s just the tone of my voice which is a bit unusual.

3: I heard your latest release “Psycho chemistry” and it had me
jumping and fully energized. What is the idea behind the song and what
is it about?

The song is about authoritarian leaders like Trump, Putin, Viktor Orban, Kim Jong -un and Xi Jinping, (but it’s mostly about Trump.)  It’s about the personalities of these leaders, narcissistic and delusional with an insatiable need for power. Since this song is depicting psychotic behavior, the music is calculatingly disturbing like being at a 70s disco with a murderer on the loose. However, you still must dance! Like a horror film, you are sucked into its suspense and toxicity never knowing how you became so entangled in it, like the “cult” followers of authoritarian leaders.

4: The cover image of “Psycho chemistry” is very interesting. I want
to know and I’m sure a lot of your fans want to know the story behind
it. Can you give an insight?

This image is a combination of a photo of Trump as a child altered to depict a boy who is headed for a destructive and violent future. The background image is of the January 6th insurrection on the United States Capitol Building. There is a noose installed there by the insurrectionists meant for the hanging of Mike Pence. The letter O in Psycho is part of it. This is what happens when a leader has psycho chemistry.

5: Energy Whores is killing it in the music scene. What are your
future plans? Can your fans expect an album soon?

We have many songs on Spotify and plan to put out a vinyl soon. Two more songs are being recorded now. ‘Den of Sins’ and ‘Freedom Fadeaway’ which will be part of the album.

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