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ALCHA – The Light Is On
ALCHA – The Light Is On

ALCHA – The Light Is On | Trippy Tones

French electronic pop artist Alec Chassain aka ALCHA presents us his latest dazzling single The Light Is On. This is his second mesmerizing single after Steady which was released in November. We are entering the new year with a bang for sure.

The song begins with electronic retro cascading tones and a prominent synth bass line. Soon we get to hear pretty unique electronic tones which sound very fresh and eclectic. A simple catchy beat dominates the rhythmic section and drives the song forward. The harmonic elements as well as primary melodies are catchy and give us a unique listening experience.

ALCHA grants us some pristine production, with multiple tracks of synthesizers and other production elements layered on top of each other to create a complex and dynamic sound. He has really experimented with different sounds and created tones that are both innovative and accessible.

We get to hear a wide range of tones and timbres with roots in synthpop, house, new wave, and techno. This cross-pollination of styles helps to create a distinctive sound based on a diverse array of sounds and styles with a variety of synth production. The song gives a nocturnal and futuristic vibe, something that might not be amiss in a Weeknd record.

The song combines elements of retro and modern electronic music with tight pop songwriting to create a distinctive sound. It feels like a mix of Odesza, Duran Duran, Daft Punk, Alesso, KSHMR, and Calvin Harris. The Parisian artist ALCHA makes a mark with this song and cements a unique synthpop style with The Light Is On.

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