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Love Ghost – venganza del fantasma
Love Ghost – venganza del fantasma

Love Ghost – venganza del fantasma | Love & Horror

It has been a roller coaster year for Californian alternative rock and hip-hop mavericks Love Ghost. With innumerable single releases this year including a compilation album, they have released their latest EP venganza del fantasma. That translates in Spanish to Revenge of the ghost. The Glendale band has been driving innovation with their unique blend of pop punk, rock, pop, and R&B/hip-hop.

The band consists of the frontman Finnegan Bell on the lead vocals and guitar, Ryan Stevens on bass and Backing vocals, Daniel Alcala on guitar, Cory Batchler on the keyboard, and Samson Young on the drums. They have had multiple collaborators on their single releases and this record is no different.

The album begins with the first track Ghost Town featuring Mexican artist and rapper Santa RM. A super spooky vibe is created along with a filtered guitar riff and softly whispered vocal intro. This then transitions into muted guitar chords with some sharp vocals set to an electronic beat. We then get a Spanish bridge vocal section and rap verse.

Inferno is the second song on the record. Guitar arpeggiated chords greet us and another track in the same template. The outro is great to listen to on this one with an epic crescendo and vocals. The song balances sensuality, performance, and horror aptly.

The third song ALI3N is a complete change in mood. Here, we get a synthpop intro and verses with cascading electronic synth riffs. The pre-chorus add distorted guitars, which then hit into the chorus, a tasty blend of distorted guitars and pop synths. This one includes a Spanish verse section as well. This is a pop punk song with electronic influences. Some fine work by Love Ghost!

The EP concludes with the laid back pop ballad Pick Myself Apart.The song features vocalist Lou Cornago on Spanish and English vocals as well. This is a modern hip-hop influenced pop song. Great way to end the record.

Venganza del fantasma is the perfect fusion of alternative rock, R&B, and hip-hop, combining the diverse range of influences and themes of these genres. It features emotive, soulful vocals, experimental and a nonconformist approaches to songwriting. It combines a spooky horror feel with classic pop and hip-hop ones.

It showcases the unique style and performances of Love Ghost while presenting a cohesive range of tracks that are true to the sentiments expressed. It has a combination of catchy rhythm, thought provoking lyrics, and intuitive flow. It tells a compelling musical narrative with its composition. The songs here range from fast-paced to mellow. It is sure to impress fans of the band and win over new listeners. From start to finish, this EP is a captivating and engaging listening experience that showcases the musical innovation of Love Ghost. The optimum bled of horror and romance.

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