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Yana Rose – Another Missed Sunset
Yana Rose – Another Missed Sunset

Yana Rose – Another Missed Sunset | Ambient Pop Bliss

Michigan, Los Angeles, Nashville indie pop singer-songwriter Yana Rose has released her latest mesmerizing debut EP Another Missed Sunset. The EP runs for a little over thirteen minutes. It would be an understatement to say that by the end of it, we are truly swept over!

Long Distance Friend is the first song of the album and she makes a stark impression. Initially there is a mere piano accompaniment with the breath taking vocals sounding pristine. Soundscaping to the best of levels is produced in the outro which is a true delight to listen to. Ethereal sounds of ambient music with the earthy, organic feel of genuine music. Each emotion and every vocal phrase and arrangement element is truly felt. Pure bliss!!

The second track is Tainted Heart which begins with chordal synths and subtle bird sounds. From the previous minimalist ballad, we get a prominent synth bass and beat setting. With swells and light riffs, we get to hear pure magic in terms of vocal layering which is combined with masterful production. You are taken by surprise and will not be able to guess where the song is going next. Yana Rose is a genius!

Electronic piano chords and Yana’s now mind-imprinted vocals commence I Should Just Shut Up. Making tactful use of finger snaps, vocal harmonies, beats, and tight songwriting. This is stunning songwriting with breath taking vocals and an arrangement to fall over. The EP concludes with Good Riddance. Featuring a vintage smooth jazz and R&B sound with electronic and synth production, this is well composed conclusion to the record. What a journey!!

The EP features dreamy, atmospheric sounds and electronic beats, creating a unique and immersive listening experience. The album is full of lush, ethereal soundscapes and catchy electropop melodies, all expertly produced and arranged. The tones along with spacious synths and driving beats showcase Yana’s ability to create beautiful, emotive melodies. Throughout the record, she masterfully blends ambient soundscapes with engaging musical motifs, creating a truly stunning listening experience. The production is top-notch, with each sound carefully crafted and placed to create a cohesive and immersive sonic landscape.

Stunningly well mixed and produced, the vocal quality is beautiful in terms of tone and performance. Mind you, this is not your usual electro indie folk record. This is some truly unique and virtuosic songwriting and production. Can’t recommend it enough to listeners of all genres! Very frankly, Yana Rose has far surpassed her inspiration Billie Eilish in terms of sheer musical vision and tight songwriting coupled with production wizardry. This is some of the highest quality fresh pop I have heard in some time.

With Another Missed Sunset, we get an ambient pop record that would enliven your mind and ears.

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