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Esc – Love Bullets | Beautiful Guitar Work
Esc – Love Bullets | Beautiful Guitar Work

Esc – Love Bullets | Beautiful Guitar Work

Esc is an amazing solo project of a phenomenal guitarist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, Danny Manor. Based in Israel, Danny was inspired by seeing his other brother play guitar and with pure innocence replicating it on a tennis racket. At the age of 12, he got his first guitar and began composing tunes of his own. In the words of Danny, Esc is an alter ego and it’s an escape from routine life. A mesmerizing journey of instrumental music infused with animated music videos. 

Esc released his debut ep called “Unauthorized Passenger”. He is back with yet another rocking track dubbed “Love Bullets”, with a very retro animated video for the track. 

Talking about the song and its ingredients in detail. The song starts with a drum roll that transforms into a fast and loud drum beat followed by a heavy rhythm on electric guitar. With these two a guitar lead comes into play with an amazing tone. The song’s melody changes a lot with such a complex chord pattern. Esc is a true beast with a very unique style of playing, using techniques like harmonizing guitar, sweep picking, beautiful and varying scales, and the skill of combining everything together. The bridge of “Love Bullets” is a completely different part, with the elements of dark cinematic music, it is a masterpiece. Another integral part of the song is its animated music video which showcases the song’s intensity with brilliance.

Esc surely has made “Love Bullets” for the headbangers. The song is a rollercoaster ride with such much going on that one has to listen to it at least once.

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