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Kinga Angelys – Second Chances | Joyful Pop
Kinga Angelys – Second Chances | Joyful Pop

Kinga Angelys – Second Chances | Joyful Pop 

Kinga Angelys is an ardent singer/songwriter, lyricist, and musician from Canada. Based in Germany, Kinga is following her passion and doing what she is best at. She is known for her soft velvety vocals and great hooks. She is the queen of acoustic pop and can surely make you groove to her songs. 

Kinga Angelys has released a number of her original music and an EP in 2020 and all based on a different theme. She is back with another masterpiece called “Second Chances”.

“Second Chances” is Kinga’s latest release, the song is a very fun, lovey-dovey song that has been perfectly set through acoustic pop. Talking about the ingredients of the song in detail. The song starts with a subtle reggae riff on an acoustic guitar with a clap sound effect enhancing the reggae pattern. Soon the beautiful vocals of Kinga kick in, her voice has an amazing depth that suits perfectly with the pop genre. After a quick drop, the chorus begins with an amazing hook. The layered vocals and the super melody make the song perfect.

The song goes into a full-fledged pop number after the first verse, so many instruments add up and make it groovier. The ending of the song is subtle, a whole new dimension opens up as it ends very calmly on a ukulele and just vocals, showcasing the genius of Kinga Angelys.

“Second Chances” is perfect in every way, it has fun lyrics and hook, amazing vocals, and superb production. It is highly recommended for every pop fan to listen to it. 

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