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The Assist – Better Days | Modern pop 

The Assist is a five-member band from Walsall, out of Birmingham, England. Today referred to as one of the most successful underground bands in the U.K, The Assist have come a long way. After forming, the band released its debut single in 2017 and its debut ep in 2018 called “Lost” which went viral and took the band to some well-deserved fame. Their music caught the attention of some of the biggest radios in the U.K, like BBC Radio 6, Absolute, and Radio X, and even charted on Spotify’s “Viral 50”. 

The Assist have a very unique musical genre, which can be defined as a blend of modern pop with hints of electronic music. The band has released several singles, eps, and even an album in 2022. They are back with yet another masterpiece called “Better Days”. Let’s talk about the song in detail. 

The song has a major cheerful vibe with a groovy beat and a fun melody. The song starts with a drum beat followed by some pulsating pad and some non-lexical singing of “oos and ahhs”. Soon the vocals kick in a very raw manner but flow smoothly with the chord progression. There’s a heavy British accent in the vocals which makes it kind of fun to listen to. The song keeps rising till the chorus and a very catchy hook comes in. The bridge comes in after the second chorus with a lowkey feel and the hook. The song ends with the same groovy beat and fun vibes with a little funk on an electric guitar. “Better Days” is a song to listen to on a road trip

The Assist are a group of wonderful artists that makes music out of pure fashion and talent. Their new single “Better Days” is just the result of the passion and talent of The Assist. 

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