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Molosser CRUDE– Pushing My Way |Heavy Riffs
Molosser CRUDE– Pushing My Way |Heavy Riffs

Molosser CRUDE– Pushing My Way |Heavy Riffs 

Molosser CRUDE is a heavy metal duo from Sweden. Before stepping into the heavy riffing music, the duo was making soft and down-tuned acoustic guitar music in the name of Molosser. Molosser CRUDE is leading with its trademark but with a down-tuned electric guitar run through multiple amps played by the guitarist Jahn. And the drum played on an E-Kit by the singer and drummer Tess, sounds just as loud as the real one. 

Molosser CRUDE debuted with a live in-studio version of their single called “Bye Bye Grace” with the classic vintage-sounding riffs and some unique originality, it was a big hit. They have released several originals after that and are back with yet another banger called “Pushing My Way”.

Talking about the song and its ingredients in detail. The song starts with some notes on a buzzing electric guitar that seems to have a lot of heaviness in tone. Soon the guitar part converts into an amazing riff that has a gruff and fuzz feel effect followed by a loud and slow drum beat. The drums sound vintage with lots of fillers, Tess is pouring out all her passion into the drums. And in a while, the vocals kick in that lifts the song up. It is such a fascinating moment because Tess who is the drummer also sings parallelly and it’s a difficult job to do both sing and play with such passion. When the chorus kick in the power of the song multiplies because it is catchy and headbanging. The bridge is toned down to a jazz feel with a soft guitar riff and swing pattern on cymbals. The song goes into rage mode with everything coming together and ends with the same intro riff from the beginning. 

Molosser CRUDE has surely made a song that sounds so incredible and raw. The passion and feel can be seen in the video available on YouTube. It’s a song you don’t want to miss listening to.

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