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Elsdeer – Ten Years Time | Soulful Folk 
Elsdeer – Ten Years Time | Soulful Folk 

Elsdeer – Ten Years Time | Soulful

Elsdeer is a solo musical project of Denise Dombrowski. Denise is a singer/songwriter from Berlin, Germany. She is a born artist who was intrigued by music from a very early age. She has been writing songs for a couple of years and now has decided to release them. Her debut single ‘Ten Years Time’ is out now and is wonderful. 

The song is centered around the loss of her father. Her father can be seen on the cover of the song with his dog. This tells the song is story-driven and has a deep meaning.

Elsdeer is an independent artist and her music can be described as acoustic folk. Talking more about the details of the song, Ten Years Time starts with the subtle, soft voice of Denise which is followed by the sharp acoustic guitar. It is the melody that steals the show because it is so beautifully written that keeps the listener in awe. The layered vocals and panned vocals in the latter half of the song are remarkable. The snippets of the electric guitar and the lead on the banjo are just wonderful. The soft drum beat and the baseline makes the song deeper.

When everything is combined the song makes so much sense, the lyrics, the vocals, the instruments, all of these elements blend perfectly. Elsdeer has so much talent that is portrayed through the song. She has effortlessly made her dream debut through Ten Years Time. 

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