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Culture Shock!-Empire
Culture Shock!-Empire
Culture Shock!-Empire

Culture Shock! capture mayhem in a cage with their latest single, “Empire”

Culture Shock! took the indie music scene by storm with their debut single. Guitar rock with roots to classic archetypes, they somehow balanced sludge, alt-rock and elements of metal. At least they predicted what their sound would do. Riding on the massive success of their debut single, Flashflood, they’re back with their second. This is Empire

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A month is usually enough for the waves to subside. Culture Shock! choose to create a mush of sludge mixed with whatever Primus used to do. Ben Archer kills it with a unique, delectable bass line that would make Geddy Lee proud. Ethan Reinek keeps the beat steady, while the bass and drums formulate a rich rhythm pattern. Travis Rains kicks in distortion gear when the guitars come in. Dominated by the bass and drum groove, you find yourself waiting for the chorus-just to hear the band go into full throttle. The drum fills echo through the hollow but tight pockets.

Weaving in and out

A mesmerizing psychedelic styled guitar solo is phrased tastefully as the bridge. You can imagine waves of people joining in with the boys to scream this song at the top of their lungs. The gates are finally open, you can usher yourself into this new empire. 

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Culture Shock! brings a lot of their sensibilities from bands they admire. Yet, with the unique vocal delivery, raw but semi-polished energy and punk potential, we don’t know what direction they’ll go next. It is going to be an exciting ride with this trio, and clearly they’re just getting started. Listen to their addictive single here:

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