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Collie Wattz- Down South | A Feast for the Ears

Collie Wattz is a Birmingham, Alabama-based indie folk/electronica singer-songwriter. There is not much information about him on the internet. But I am sure his new album ‘Down South’ is going to give him all the fame he deserves. The album is a compilation of 5 songs, with each song telling a different story. From the moment the album starts, you’re taken on an incredible musical journey. It’s like the best movie you’ve ever seen that you want to watch over and over again.

The opening song ‘John Brown’ is a hooking piece for sure. I am not sure if he takes Ed Sheeran as his inspiration, but he eerily sounds like him at times. There is a lot of heart in this album and Collie Wattz sings it with a lot of soul. The voice has a lot of depth and it is actually quite surprising that it is just him and just a couple of instruments. There are no fast beats or extensive musical arrangements, but it still does an excellent job.

The second song is ‘Fireball.’ This song kind of picks up the pace. This song has a nice rhythm and a good beat that makes it easy for you to tap your feet or nod along with it as the tune fills up your home or car.

‘Werewolf’ feels like a breath of fresh air. ‘Werewolf’ delivers a unique soundscape filled with fun melodies and a soothing ambience. The song feels like the perfect way to start your weekend off the chill and relaxed as it is influenced by electronica but also makes use of acoustic sounds. I could not stop but vibe to “Yeah yeah gotta get back to my wolf-pack.” The sounds are bright and fresh and have a crisp feel to them that makes you want to jump up and down in rhythm with every beat.

I can’t help but get the feeling that ‘Old Man Down South’ intro music sounds like Indian Bollywood music from the 90s. It’s short but oh-so-sweet—highly recommended for any listener who wants to relax and enjoy some great music with energy like never before!

Last on the album is ‘Backwaters,’ which has a very similar vibe to ‘Old Man Down South’ yet sounds different. The song is all about dark thoughts and moods and how it feels like they are at war with themselves.

All in all, the album is very unique from anything that I’ve heard before and it’s definitely worth a listen.

Enjoy listening to ‘Down South’ here.

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