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Sukh-Age of Strangers
Sukh-Age of Strangers
Sukh-Age of Strangers

Sukh-Age of Strangers | A dive into melody magic

The pandemic, among other things, has inspired art. Or at least forced us to think about it. If a genius claimed all that art required was isolation and inspiration, one half was guaranteed. Sukh used his time in isolation the same way. Inspiration flows viewing his life through his profession as a doctor. This album is Age of Strangers.

A bluesy, Black Keys kind of track opens up this album. Using the upbeat melody and beat to create something like a balm that soothes, this track makes you forget the misery. Just dance in the present. A catchy riff dominates most of the song, where his lyrics and vocals take an easygoing, bar singers vibe.

The title track is the next one. With brit-pop guitars taking up the silence strumming away, Sukh does quite the damage creating a earworm for the week. With minimal percussion for the intro which lasts for the minute, Sukh dives in with the tempo to tango. The song is quick and fun, and the lyrics tell tales of lore. Combining his love for music, literature, film and art together, an eclectic mix of topics are covered, with an interesting worldview.

Where the heart stops

With reverb guitars and a soothing voice, Rendezvous takes up the slot next. Sukh rallies to different sounds and effects, reading the vibe of the song and lyrics concurrently to create a culinary concoction unheard in the album. Each track offers something special. If anything is to measure the tension of the times we’re living in, it is Make It Stop. Sukh’s 4th track captures the chronic depressive state of the pandemic, an audio slump he creates. The track is quick, and tells the tale as it is. The muted guitar hums behind, with flourishes after lines.

Exile celebrates the joy of distance, with a wonderful progression. Like Lennon’s duets with his ivories, Sukh sits down for a Broadway style introduction of an emotional time. Lyrical excellence is heightened with beautiful harmonics during this chorus. Duel is the next track, with an unusual progression leading the charge. Stitching this album with myriad colors and dense tapestry of what inspires Sukkh, each track is a new chapter in a new book.

More than most words

Hashtag is social commentary on the ever evolving and devouring virus that is social media. Heightened at a time where people had excess time on their hands, the hashtag became the world’s deadliest virus. Remaining rampant, Sukh creates a mysterious number with an unsettling set of chords and vocals. Waiting for A Train channels the Presley in this artist, for a simple track. Like poetry, just the guitar and vocals make way to this print, amplified by the silence surrounding the strumming.

We Once Were closes this fantastic project from Sukh. A heavier indie rock number, it features several live instruments-building like Coldplay and finding its own path to a darker side, with the riff. A catchy track through and through, the synths shine with its tone and moments it leads with. One of the longest tracks but the fun is multi-directional. Isolation has truly created a wormhole of magic for Sukh, and what he has created will outlast this virus. Not the social ones, they’re here to stay.

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