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Catastrophe & Cure – Cracks in the Pavement | Noises with Silences

Catastrophe & Cure, one of Austria’s most popular bands, just produced a spectacular new hit called ‘Cracks in the Pavement’, which is filled with high voltage intensity throughout the song. Listening to the lyrics piqued my curiosity and fascinated me. The title ‘Cracks in the Pavement’ has so many layers tied to it, including the concepts and analogies.

The song does link us to certain events in our lives and encourages us to think on previous experiences or even examine the current situation. Despite the fact that the song conveys a difficult or intense topic, the concept is loaded with high-spirited energy that gives us the feeling of optimism or courage to battle.

Katrin Paucz of the band Sharktank, one of Austria’s best musical talents, also appears in the song. She adds such enticing colours to the section during the chorus, effectively supporting the tune. In terms of the arrangement, the song is blasted with guitars, which boosts the song’s intensity level.

Though the song’s sound spectrum is vast and almost completely covered by layers, the voices are placed with gaps, giving the music a soothing effect as you listen to it. Even the words have power and are heard within these massive layers. The rock-flavoured tunes would undoubtedly appeal to the curious ears, and the powerful atmosphere would definitely energise the slackers, which would be wonderful.

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