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Lazywall Dem 3la Dem
Lazywall Dem 3la Dem
Lazywall Dem 3la Dem

Lazywall’s ‘Dem 3la Dem’: Cinematic Fusion of Arabic Folk and Alt Metal

Lazywall, the phenomenal Moroccan rock trio, delivers an awe-inspiring musical experience with their latest track, “Dem 3la Dem.” This Arabic rock/metal hybrid is a mesmerizing tagine of traditional Arabic time signatures and instruments, infused with the raw energy of powerful altrock. Singing in Arabic, the band fearlessly delves into important global themes like climate change, social injustice, integration, and corruption, using their music as a medium for positive change.

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Formed in England by brothers Nao, Youssef, and Monz, Lazywall proudly carries the influences of legendary bands like Led Zeppelin, Audioslave, and System Of A Down. Their unique sound caught the attention of Warner Spain, where they are currently signed, and their Moroccan and Spanish origins contribute to the rich tapestry of their music. “Dem 3la Dem” takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey with its Middle Eastern folk song base and enchanting string instruments. The infusion of world music and ethnic elements creates an enthralling blend of cultures.

The song’s powerful vocals exude strength and emotion, akin to a cinematic experience. The track seamlessly weaves elements of folk metal, culminating in a spellbinding outro featuring violin, percussion, and captivating operatic folk metal vocals. Lazywall showcases their exceptional talent for blending heavy metal madness with the intimacy and richness of traditional folk music, truly establishing a musical trade route from the Orient to the Occident as they state.

The essence of Moroccan soil is deeply embedded in “Dem 3la Dem,” creating a middle eastern alternative rock and metal masterpiece. The song’s progressive folk and alternative metal elements are firmly rooted in the Arabic folk music, resulting in an energetic and enthralling musical narrative.

Lazywall’s “Dem 3la Dem” is a triumphant celebration of cultural diversity and a testament to the power of music as a unifying force. With their brilliant fusion of genres, Lazywall proves themselves as trailblazers in the world of rock music, capturing hearts and minds with their unique sound.

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