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Shanan Estreicher-All You Shining Stars
Shanan Estreicher-All You Shining Stars
Shanan Estreicher-All You Shining Stars

Shanan Estreicher composes a galaxy to explore with his EP, “All You Shining Stars.”

Shanan Estreicher composes dreams into sheet music. Here is a composer, educator and musician from NY who is the prime pinnacle of orchestra and classical coming together. For an art form that people claim to be dwindling, the compositions in the EP speak otherwise. Today we listen to his collection with Itamar Borochov called All You Shining Stars. 

It is the accomplishment of the highest order, if the title of the song and the theme match in essence. It is difficult, and often times not accurate, as instrumentals don’t ask for a name. They are given one, according to the feel. Shanan Estreicher brings to us a delightful paradise of strings & the brass for a feeling that transcends beyond the song. The opening single is enough of a statement to feel that. The slow moving lead of the brass with the sudden waves of the lower register create a contrast in tones like no other. Here is a master of composition, really studying what the song needs in order to produce something eternal. The second part is called Arrows, and is an exciting and dramatic piece from when it begins. It will remind you of compositions from John Williams and the likes, cinematic and effective. When the lone instrument comes in or the instruments recede to make way-it is enthralling to listen to. 

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Mastery in phrasing

When the trumpet speaks, it is like an operatic singer taking centre stage. The vibrato speaks volumes, emotional yet articulate. It is a rare combination, emotions that are driven and sculpt the song to what it has become. You’re left distraught after Arrows. Shanan Estreicher brings you the whole range of melodies, something that you left you’re devoid of when the song ends. Woven aims to give you what you then need. As you breathe in this new song, the waves weigh heavy, for they carry a tale you might never know of in words. This composer brings you an essence of something that you have yearned for, but never knew existed. It is an effort unlike any other I’ve heard in recent years, a creation of something visual but abstract enough to linger in your dreams. 

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Shanan Estreicher also has his EP Tetraktys to enjoy on his Spotify. With his deliberate writing and masterful arrangement, it is no surprise you will be addicted to, and feel gratitude after his songs. You can listen to the album below and follow him for some more releases that are sure to come. Till then, lose yourself in his EP here:

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