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bird machine - hellos and frowns
bird machine - hellos and frowns

Powerful Alt-Rock Gem “Hellos and Frowns” by Bird Machine Strikes a Chord

Bird Machine is a delightful band created by the dynamic duo of Luke and Jenna Grbin from Australia and New Zealand. Their music combines early 1990s alt-rock, dream pop, and folk into tempting plush pop tunes. Their sound is just stunning, with wise lyrics layered over compelling vocals and accompanied by guitars, keys, and syncopated beats. They combine their musical talents and different influences from their New Zealand home studio. Their self-titled debut EP, which includes the popular tune “Our Kind,” has already made waves, reaching the Top 11 on Dunedin’s Radio One Chart. In just one year, Bird Machine has amassed 21,000 unique listeners from 94 countries and been featured on over 200 playlists.

Bird Machine has released a new alt-rock single, “Hellos and Frowns.” The track explodes into life with upbeat energy within the first few seconds. The electric guitar work is nothing short of remarkable and emanates grandeur, while the drum beats add a further level of excellence to the mix. Jenna’s vocals are the true heart of the song, striking a chord deep within the listener’s soul. Her performance is nothing short of astounding, with powerful emotions and endless energy that leaves you awestruck.

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She is incredibly talented, as demonstrated by the way she manages the song’s complexities with ease while still soaking each note with profound emotion and passion. The lyrics to “Hellos and Frowns” are intriguing. They tell a moving story of struggle and isolation through the eyes of a young child.

Lines like “You think you know what’s in my soul, but the truth is I’ve never felt quite at home” tug at the heartstrings, expressing both frustration and sorrow. Jenna’s vocals and the musical arrangement exceptionally represent the raw emotions expressed in the words, establishing an utterly intense experience. This alt-rock gem by Bird Machine is a must-add to your playlist.

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Enjoy listening o “Hellos and Frowns” by Bird Machine here.

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