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Ricky Coll – El Silencio
Ricky Coll – El Silencio

Ricky Coll – El Silencio | Radiating Energy

Miami indie singer-songwriter Ricky Coll has a brand new cool Spanish single titled El Silencio. Ricky hails from the island of Puerto Rico and is now based out of Florida. He has teamed up with ace musician producers Lydia&Sebastien from Montreal on production. The song has been released under Productions LS Music, which is their Canadian independent music record label based in Montreal.

El Silencio means The Silence in Spanish. The song consists of a prominent bass line and some strong vocals. Acoustic guitar form the harmonic rhythmic template for the song. Percussions are light and give a steady laid back pace to the song. Aaron Sterling has done a great job on the percussion, drums, and overall rhythm section. This is music that will make you feel at home. The music video by Tread Brightly Media for the song was shot in Ocala National Forest at Sweetwater cabin spring.

Ricky Coll has been a prominent musician in the South Florida music scene. Some of the greatest guitarists ever, including class blues rock guitarist legends like Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Texas blues lord Steve Ray, and Latin fusion rock guitarist Santana, have influenced him. Just like his heroes, he changes the core urge to expression of music and groove.

Lounge music rhythms, Afro-Cuban percussion, and pulse pumping alternative rock riffs are all blended t give his unique musical expression. Therefore, his music incorporates sounds and civilizations from all around the world. El Silencio is a bright Latin acoustic pop rock song that will keep you hooked.

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