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Heart Like Gold Red Flower Lake
Heart Like Gold Red Flower Lake

Red Flower Lake – Heart Like Gold

‘Heart Like Gold’ by Red Flower Lake is a mystic symphony that verges on melodic metal, but happens to be a completely different genre altogether. The artist duo describes their lush, heady trip-pop sound as β€˜aloe-vera for our dried-out hearts.’

The project is a coming together of husband and wife, Abel and Rahimah. The two musicians not only have a family and a life together that has spanned two decades, but now have a musical ambition project too. Named ‘Red Flower Lake’ in a traditional ceremony meeting when she was a baby, Rahimah had a profound connection with the name. This led to the collaboration being named so in 2019.

The song ‘Heart of Gold’ is a very sensual, intimate affair between two lovers. It’s calm on the surface, but the lyrics reveal a deep connection that is incredibly passionate and powerful. The lyrics question why the lover must run, and if this is his denial to learn from their experiences. The singer asks why he must be scared when he has a heart of gold. The song has a slow beat progression which gives the song a steady pace. The melody of the chorus combines with the electro-sounds to make a sound that will be stuck in the listeners’ ears for days.

Abel is a songwriter, a recording studio engineer, and a producer. On the other hand, Rahimah is a poet and singer-songwriter, lending her soft vocals to the song. This leads to their signature style that features beautifully enchanting lyrics layered on electro-heavy sound.

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