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Maria Rodhe - Happy Ending
Maria Rodhe - Happy Ending

Maria Rodhe – Happy Ending | Self-loving to Electropop

Happy Ending is the debut EP from Maria Rodhe, a Swedish singer-songwriter. The dance, electro-pop album comprises four songs with a runtime of about eleven minutes. All four songs deal with the themes of love and heartbreak. In that way, the songs are about self-sufficiency and closure from past relationships. 

Maria was raised in Stockholm, and even attended the prestigious Adolf Fredriks Musikklasser music school of Sweden. She had a stint in a cover band and doing vocals, but now she is unleashing her true identity in the form of her music. Her own record label Konomi Music & Consulting AB is home to this EP and the next one she is already working on.

Happy Ending EP

The album opens with the energizing number One More Time. With a rhythm guitar, a consistent bass, and electro-pop dance beats, the song retains innocence and simplicity. It reminds me of Romanian pop of the 2000s with an EDM influence. The chorus is truly the hook of the song with its fun and playful synth electro beats. Maria’s smooth vocals work well the heartfelt lyrics, she sings about trying one more time to make a relationship work. Her partner did not give her any signs or ever had a conversation about their discontentment. As a result, it pervaded their entire relationship. While the song tells a tale of heartbreak, yet the tone never gives you a low beat.

The next track is No Guts, and it is about how her ex has no guts to cry over their broken relationship. It is a comment on the inability of this person to contribute to the relationship while it was on, and failure to acknowledge the pain of disruption that follows. The song has a very interesting set of instruments, ranging from the trumpet to banjo strings. This is what keeps the electro-pop element fresh and experimental to me. The electric guitar synth is the hook of this song, and efficiently embodies the emotions behind Maria’s voice.

Next is Bed of Roses with a soulful opening with the electric guitar. The song shows some hip hop influences, and the bass is heavy despite the gentle pace of the song. This time, the singer has learned her lesson and come to know her own worth. She is no longer going to sit and have her time wasted. The sonically mellow verses and adorned with hard-hitting lyrics. In contrast, the chorus, with a light and playful hook, offers a pop-synth charm. 

Towards the end

The album closes with You and Me, and as last songs generally are, this one is a knotted bow on the EP. The song also features rapper Anonymous Soul, keeping the collab for last. The production is breezy on this one, and the clear rap verse is also packed with lyrical punches. The audio experience is very pleasant, and a definite hit with pop enthusiasts. More importantly to me, this track allows this album to end on a hopeful, exciting note – the true happy ending. At the end of every heartbreak is another tale of love about to begin. And that is the emotion that this song leaves me with as the album closes shut. 

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