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Rio DeShon - Work
Rio DeShon - Work

Rio DeShon – Work | Prove your worth

Work is the latest release from Rio DeShon. Only his second single, the hip-hop track shows great potential from the artist’s lyrical abilities to the breezy production. It has a Caribbean vibe because of the guitar-based simple melody that repeats throughout the song. The credit for the sound goes to the producer, ShoBeatz, and it is definitely what makes this song stand out. There is an Afrobeat influence as well, as the quick-paced bass and beats flow with quite a bit of variation.

Rio DeShon is a Virginia-based indie artist with two incredible singles to his credit. Not only is his rap delivery very poised and well-developed, but his songwriting is also very good. Fitting snugly on the beats, his verses are speaking directly to his partner. It seems that he often has to apologize for his struggles and success, but only he knows how hard it has been to walk his path.

For everything he offers her, from the material luxuries to his undying affection, she should be showing her gratefulness. She has a tendency to act up, not initiating or contributing. While he likes her bossy streak, at some point a relationship requires support and contribution. She is going to work if she wants a future for this relationship. In my conclusion, Rio DeShon leverages a wonderfully crafted, catchy beat to talk about something close to him. Rap often gets shrouded in judgment due to the nature of the trade. But as this single does, this often reflects on the need for support and the human tendency to look for a shoulder you can always count on.

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