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Gudmundur Petursson – One Day
Gudmundur Petursson – One Day

Gudmundur Petursson – One Day | Bright, bright doomsday

One Day is the latest release from celebrated Icelandic musician Gudmundur Petursson. A gentle-paced song, it is supercharged with the artist’s deep vocals. The track plays like a loving lullaby, celebrating the day when one is finally free. Inspired by writer-philosopher Dostoevsky’s close encounter with death, Gudmundur Petursson composed the song thinking of that one day when death comes to every mortal being.

The Russian novelist was once a man sentenced to death. And merely minutes before, the decision of his expiration was reversed. When you’re so close to the end, forced to make peace with it, what fundamentals stay while others waver? That’s the thought that inspired the musician. A guitarist, vocalist, and producer, Gudmundur Petursson created a cohesive experience of the day. While it seems to be doom at first thought, there’s much more to the mortality of experience. One Day rethinks exactly that, and takes the listener on an explorative journey.

Gudmundur Petursson is no stranger to crafting such thoughtful music. He has been awarded for his skillful mastery of the guitar, and his compositions. Further, he’s worked with a crowd of favourite musicians across the geography, and performed at some of the most iconic venues. And yet, what stands out to me is the artist’s pulse over the simple parts of this human experience.

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