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J’Moris - Special
J’Moris - Special

J’Moris – Special | You can’t match my vibe

I vibed so hard to Special by J’Moris – It is Trap, it features a flute solo (what?!), an electronic beat production, and a sick flow! The song opens with a trippy set on the keys that cycles through the song, and the melody on the flute gives it a very unique sound. The beats are the regular hip-hop tempo, but what makes them stand out is a flow with immense swagger.

Many would compare J’Moris to a street style, gritty Gucci Mane. To me, he has that insatiable Bruno Mars energy that gets you dancing with him, and agreeing with anything he says. Further, the song Special is pretty much J’Moris feeling himself. And I think we can all use some of that positivity. The musician is rapping about how chill he is – crushing, rolling, and chilling. No one who comes and tries to enamor him is special enough to distract him from his journey. 

J’Moris is a Texas-based artist who knew as a child that he was meant for the field of music. He celebrates his strong Southern roots which have a strong influence on him, and his music. As he has grown up he has come to realize that music offers him an outlet and solace. The artist has a number of hits to his name, so I’m going to go and play those on repeat now.

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