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Northaway Frost
Northaway Frost
Northaway Frost

Wholesome Buffet of Icy Prog Insanity With Northaway’s ‘Frost’

In their mesmerizing single, “Frost,” off the 2021 album “I Am,” Northaway showcases their prowess in the realm of modern progressive metal. Seamlessly blending intricate neo-classical elements, symphonic arrangements, and chuggy, heavy riffs, the instrumental prog metal track takes listeners on a captivating sonic journey.

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The song opens with a burst of energy, immediately drawing you in with its explosive blast beats and technically proficient drumming, which effortlessly shifts between syncopation, ferocity, surgical precision, and polyrhythms. This relentless drive provides a solid foundation for the rest of the musical elements to shine. Northaway masterfully incorporates subtle piano parts, adding a touch of elegance that beautifully complements the heavy guitar lines. The melodic guitar sections weave through the composition, delivering captivating riffs that resonate long after the song ends. The virtuosic bass playing and tone takes center stage, hitting impressive levels of complexity and leaving you in awe of its skillful musical execution.

The true magic of “Frost” lies in the symphonic sections, which aren’t mere background ambiance but integral parts of the overall composition. The middle section, in particular, stands out, as the melodic symphonic elements intertwine with djent-inspired riffs, creating a harmonious interplay of sounds. Northaway’s ability to flawlessly transition between rhythm changes showcases their musical dexterity. As the song progresses, the harp-like segments add a unique touch, elevating the track to new heights of creativity.

“Frost” shows Northaway’s exceptional songwriting genius and innovative approach to progressive metal. With their finely crafted symphonic elements, technical prowess, and unwavering musicality, Northaway’s single stands as a shining example of what modern progressive metal can achieve. Progheads will relish at the sheer scope of what can be expressed with both emotion and intelligence in this insane track.

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