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The Mars McClanes – Wherever You Go | Twangy Road Trip

Quirky alternative indie rock band The Mars McClanes releases their third single with Wherever You Go. The band is originally from Dallas, Texas are were active two decades ago. They reconvened and are currently based out of Portland, Oregon, and Colorado. While their debut release Riddle was a bluesy indie Latin rock number, The Worriers made its imprint with a unique sound. With Wherever You Go, The Mars McClanes are at their vintage pop rock best.

Fronted by Brian Corley, it includes guitarist Russ Chapman and drummer Paul Constantine. The song was co-written by Corley and Chapman as they departed to Nashville, Tennesse to record with Constantine at the basement studio of country star Waylon Jennings’ old house Southern Comfort.

The song literally hits the road with a 60s rock n roll sound and a hummable chorus. The rhythm guitars joining in the second part of the verse and chorus work very well dynamically. In the second verse, we hear some clear acoustic guitars and some nice syncopated drums in the rhythm section. The bridge transports one to the good old days of laid-back acoustic rock numbers. Lyrically, the song is a straightforward ode to traveling on the open road. The vintage blue and white van that adorns the single artwork is the aptest representation of the song.

One can imagine the song as the opening theme to some American 70s show. The Mars McClaerens are able to channel Buddy Holly and Weezer while also being inspired of modern innovative indie bands like The Black Keys and Wilco. Wherever You Go is a classic power pop punk song with a vintage vibe that you will keep spinning on your road trips.

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